What?! You think that priest looks like me? Nonsense! What kind of egotist would put himself into his stories? (I’ll tell you what kind: the kind who would use his own sex life as the basis for a porno-graphic-novel… but that’s for later.)


This brings the epic saga of Fetus Christ to a close. Seriously, this is it: there will be no sequels, no prequels, no retcons, etc. Not that anyone was calling for more, but it’s the principle of the thing. Stories should have a beginning, a middle, and an end. This is The End.

Not that this means the end of Jason A. Quest. No such luck. In fact, a week from the posting of this will be the launch of another all-new story. Captain Miracle is another Holy Comics! feature, but with a different approach. It’s a superhero story (sort of), about a hero with powers given to him by God Almighty. Superheroes with powers from “the gods” are nothing new. Captain Marvel is an example of that, almost as old as Superman. Superheroes with more scientific powers are also old-hat. Alan Moore’s Miracleman is a perfect example of that.

Captain Miracle is something else. He’s a superhero who gets his powers from YHWH Himself. And he’s here to save the world, from homosexuality, from paganism, from secularism, from science, from terrorism, from Islam, from…. the forces of Satan himself. And worse. It’s written by Jason A. Quest, with art by Ozzy Longoria. You can follow it week to week at CaptainMiracle.com.

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