Did you know that Judas was a red-head? It’s true. At least it’s a part of long-standing church lore, which (according to the Vatican) is pretty much the same thing.

But he didn’t really have a Justin Bieber haircut. Oh, be quiet, Justin haters. He isn’t anything like Judas Iscariot. He’s more like the Anti-Christ. No, really, he is. Like the Anti-Christ. He isn’t actually the Anti-Christ. To my knowledge.

As for the other 11 disciples, gathered here in one shot for the first time, I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader to figure out which of these kids is which. Of course I’m exercising a little artistic license by even having them all present. In all likelihood, some of them were Jesus’ age or younger, in which case they wouldn’t have been born yet in this timeframe. But comics is a visual medium, and how can you have a Last Supper pastiche without twelve characters sitting at a long table?

You may have noticed that John the Episcopalian/Ass has disappeared. Those of you who know the New Testament know what really happened to him; I didn’t want to get into that gory business here.

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