Seriously: Do you really think I could pass up a verbal gag like “Palm Sunday”? :)

I just got a brilliant idea for how to extend Fetus Christ, beyond the originally-planned 18 pages, into a 300-page epic. It’ll mean retooling the last few pages I’ve been working on, but it’ll allow me to do a full-length bio of the character. I’ll continue to publish it 1 page/week, until September 16, 2016, with Fetus Christ’s death: alone, unmourned, and unloved.

Or not. Check the date of this post. :)

For the many who won’t recognize the reference, the above is a take-off on Cerebus the Aardvark by Dave Sim. Originally begun as just a Conan the Barbarian parody, Sim got the idea along the way to make it into an epic biography, promising to continue it for 300 monthly issues, concluding on a specific date with the death of the title character “alone, unmourned, and unloved”. He did it. Even with my more modest goal… I won’t. I have too many other things planned to devote the next five years of my life to this piece.

But in all genuine seriousness, we are now in the final stretch of this story. Fetus Chris is in Jerusalem. He isn’t facing crucifixion… how could he, when He’s already risen from the dead? What could His final fate be? Only three more pages until the end….!

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