OK, so I included a cheap-shot contemporary political gag. So sue me. After all, it’s not as if this whole story isn’t a contemporary socio-political commentary. Give me points for not giving this Palin look-alike 21st century glasses like the abortive governor of Alaska.

A big chunk of the Gospels – and apparently Jesus’ ministry – consists of the Son of Man (as He liked to call Himself) going around and healing people. That’s what a holy man did in those days, to show people that he had connections with whatever deity he was claiming to represent. Now, Jesus obviously didn’t go around curing everyone of everything. It was more of a sideshow to get people to pay attention to Him, so He could do His real work: telling people how to live their lives.

Kinda puts those modern-day so-called “faith healers” into perspective, eh?

In our story here, Fetus Christ is making lemonade out of lemons, and being a walking, talking fetus really must help him with the attention-getting part of His plan. He’s hardly need to perform real miracles; just showing up and doing a little dance would be enough. But maybe when your voice is on the volume level of a chipmunk’s, throwing around some healings and the miracle of the clown-car basket of loaves and fishes would help.

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