This is not obscene.

It isn’t pornographic.

It wasn’t even all that fun to draw. While I have strong feelings (pro/con) about Bush and Gore, I’m indifferent to bush and gore.

To be honest, I was a little intimidated about drawing this page. Although I am not entirely without experience with the female of the human species, I’m really more of a gentleman’s gentleman (if you take my meaning), and the porn I prefer to look at is definitely of the male variety. And on the various occasions when I have enjoyed the company of the fairer sex, I haven’t exactly made mental notes of what the girl parts look like. So the risk of getting it “wrong” was pretty high. And there’s a huge audience out there who know this subject material pretty damn well. (At least without the premature fetus crawling in and out.)

You’d think that the easy availability of porn everywhere would solve this, but it’s not that easy. You see, most porn is a lie. It’s all exaggerated, and you never get… normal. And for this page I didn’t want shaved, groomed airbrushed photos; I just wanted reference images of the business end of the adult female reproductive organs.

So here ya go.

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