Thanks for reading Fetus Christ. If you enjoyed reading it half as much as I enjoyed making it, then… well I guess I had twice as much fun as you did. ;)

Fetus Christ is just scratching the surface of the projects I am working on for Holy Comics! The closest to this one in terms of theme and concept is tenatively titled Jesús. It’s nothing less than a complete overhaul of the Gospels, updated for the modern era. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John did a nice first draft, but this will be a total re-imagining, much like West Side Story did for Romeo and Juliet, Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan did for Moby-Dick, or Battlestar Galactica did for… Battlestar Galactica.

But up next is Captain Miracle. Inspired by such classic characters as Captain Marvel and Miracleman, Captain Miracle is a superhero whose powers come from none other than God Almighty! With powers that match those exercised by God in the Bible, he fights the modern scourges of secular humanism, feminist paganism, Islamist terrorism, and… well, telling the rest would spoil the fun. You’ll be able to find it at

Meanwhile, I’m working on some projects that fall outside the realm of Holy Comics!, including JAQrabbit Tales an ongoing bio-porno-graphic novel about the life of a guy named… Jason A. Quest!

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