This story is the answer to the age-old philosophical (and newly political) question: “What if the Virgin Mary had an abortion?”

As if that would stop the Guy who created the entire universe!

Joseph tells his fiancĂ© to get rid of the baby, and Mary goes to an abortionist, but on the third day afterward, something miraculous happens…

You can read the whole thing online. (The story originally ran weekly, a page at a time, every Friday from Christmas Eve 2010 to Good Friday 2011.)

Follow the adventures of the Unborn Child of God, as He struggles to fulfill his mission to bring eternal life to mankind… despite being only two inches tall and still a bit fish-like. With the Magi still nine months’ travel away, his designated baptist John still only an infant, and no birthday for future Christians to celebrate, crucifixion is the least of his concerns.

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