OK, a little overt political commentary here; skip it if you have a problem with that.

One of the most callous side effects of the efforts to outlaw abortion would be its impact on miscarriages. Because if a fetus is a “person”, and aborting one is “murder”, then any miscarriage that wasn’t obviously the result of an accidental injury to the would-be mother would have to be treated as a possible homicide. A woman who is understandably traumatized by the loss of the little baby boy or girl she was expecting would have to go through the further trauma of being the number one murder suspect. The would-be father would be suspect number two. Even if it was treated as just a bureaucratic formality, the questions they would have to ask would be a cruel slap in the face to the real victims

But anyway, back to talking about the story. Of all the miracles performed by Jesus, the raising of Lazarus was the one that I really wanted to reinterpret in the context of an undead unborn messiah. It’s really kind of an interesting miracle to begin with, because Lazarus was the only person whom Jesus agreed was actually dead before He raised him. Otherwise, it was “only sleeping”. So here He is, dead before birth, and He’s asked to do something about another fetus, dead (of natural causes) before birth. And just how gross the whole situation would be if depicted in graphic form….

Next page: “Bush v. Gore”! (ADVISORY: Contains explicit depiction of both bush and gore.)

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